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Features overview

Create your first resume

Effortlessly create a distinctive resume using our editor. Input comprehensive Career, Education, and Skills data in real-time and enjoy convenient editing.


  • No need to start from scratch, upload your existing resume
  • Real-time resume editing
  • Effortless design customization with template selection
  • Downloadable in PDF format

Adapt your resume to a specific job

Adapted resumes have a higher chance of getting interviews. Our AI handles this task effortlessly. Just follow these steps:

  • Find a suitable job and use Copy/Paste to add the Job Description of that position.
  • Choose which parts of the resume you want to adapt.

The new resume will incorporate keywords from the job description, giving you the opportunity to pass through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters and stand out among other candidates.

Make your resume publicly accessible

We have a resume publishing mechanism. By publishing, you make your resume available to everyone. Subsequently, it gets indexed by search engines like Google / Bing / Baidu and becomes publicly accessible.

Recruiters use specialized programs to search for candidates online, providing you with an additional channel for interview opportunities.

Moreover, you can add a stylish link to your resume, such as "my-resume.getbetter.work".

Translate your resume into another language

Don't limit your job search to your own city or country. By expanding the geographical scope of your job search, you can expect higher salaries than in your hometown.

Translate your resume into the 11 most popular languages in the world.

You can literally translate your resume in just one click (Beta).

How to video


With our service, you can upload your resume or create a new one using AI. Afterwards, generate derivative resumes adapted to the specific job you're interested in. Experience shows that people with resumes tailored to a particular job have a higher chance of getting hired.

Certainly. We have a resume publishing mechanism. Published resumes are freely accessible to everyone on the internet. Moreover, you can set up a subdomain like getbetter.work or use your own domain name for your resume. This resume will look like your personal portfolio website.

Absolutely. Every resume created by GetBetter.Work in PDF format is ATS-friendly. Applicant Tracking Systems parse PDF files, extracting text from them. Our resumes are easily parsed since we don't render text as images.

The optimal choice is to purchase the PRO plan for a year. Once you find a new job using our service and your persistence, it makes sense to continue looking for future opportunities. A true professional should always monitor the job market to have the chance to secure a better position (this is the motto of our service). Such behavior helps protect against layoffs or sudden project terminations in your current company.

You won't lose your resume even if you switch to the FREE plan. However, you'll be limited to creating only one resume, and the resume adaptation features for specific jobs will not be available. But the publication of your resume will continue to function as before (with only one resume). You will still be able to have a link to your resume on the internet.

We have a special "Resume Builder" package. This plan is similar to the Free Tier, with the difference that you can download your resume in PDF format for 10 days without any watermarks. It's a one-time payment without a monthly subscription. You can buy it inside the app.

Certainly, we welcome any feedback. You can leave your comments on getbetterwork.featurebase.app. As certain requests gain popularity, we prioritize them for implementation.

We provide data export in TXT and PDF formats